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KELCOM International spol s r.o. Bratislava

Bulharská 61
P.O.Box 65
830 00 Bratislava

tel: 02 443 727 36
servis: 0905 860 960

KELCOM International

KELCOM International was established in 1969 in Windsor, Canada and present position of this company is the result of a 34-year development.

The Head Office is in Windsor and there are also several branches in Chatham, Sarnia, Florida, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Our firm specializes first of all in the area of electrical security systems, electrical fire alarms, access control systems /cards, tags, fingerprint and iris biometric access control systems/, CCTV systems, special technics and represents a lot of producers with the highest quality equipment.

At the present 10 representatives of KELCOM International are working within Slovak Republic. The Head Office for Slovak Republic has its residence in Bratislava since 1991.

Each of the representatives mentioned above are providing our customers with all business, consulting, projection and fitting-up services within all areas of our activities.

KELCOM International Bratislava arranges the delivery and service of special systems for Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police Force, Slovak Government and Army of Slovak Republic.

KELCOM International disposes of sufficient technical equipment for fitting-up and service activities according to customer´s requirements. We secure 24-hour warranty-service during 12 months and after warranty-service during next 9 years. We are able to guarantee 24-hour service within the whole country by our 9 representatives in Slovak Republic.

KELCOM International is confirmed as an official representative of following companies: DSC, Bitron Video, Europlex Technologies, Pyronix, Pannonshield, Senstar Stellar, Intelsec Systems, M&G Technology, LCL Watec, Audiotel International and Security Research.

To fulfil a given target and to satisfy our customers KELCOM International actively cooperate with following companies: Westminster Systems, Plettac Electronics, Pentax, ITT, Cames, EEV, Knowles, Inovonics, Pulsar.